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Saturday, March 22, 2014

I was waiting until I had the time to read this to post a review, but I'd rather get the link out there.

A friend of mine wrote a book!

More info is available here.

I read the story as he posted it on his blog, and it was good.  I can't wait to dive in to the book!

Go get yourself a copy if it interests you, and write an Amazon review.  :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Still crazy-busy.

Puppies, particularly high drive puppies, take a hell of a lot of work.

To explain...our dobergirl is just like this puppy.  She's brilliant, stubborn, easily bored, and constantly needs supervision, even at 8 months old.  Until this week, we had her in two classes a week and she'd still drive us nuts.  She is a great dog, and we're starting to see glimpses of the lady she'll become once she gets all the puppy wiggles out of her system, but it means I just don't have time for the blog lately.

She also has me on what I've dubbed the Puppy Diet - I'm down 10 pounds and might actually have a chance hitting my goal weight in a year.  Soon, we'll start working on dog sports as well as her other training, so any free time (and excess weight) should be melting away.  :)

Unfortunately, time for the blog has basically dissolved.  Chris should have something up soonish about the HQL, I think.  Maybe.

I still read blogs, and I still comment when I get the time.  But this face has taken priority.  I hope y'all understand.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

This weekend, we did a thing.

JayG decided to throw a little get-together on Saturday, so Chris, Mike and I piled in the car and trundled down to Virginia for the day.

The gun show portion of the day was small, crowded, and disappointing.  I wasn't looking for anything specific and I used it as an excuse to socialize a bit.  Chris and Mike didn't find anything, either.  At least it wasn't expensive.

From there, we opted to take a moment to eat something since we'd mostly skipped breakfast and Mike had missed his normal lunchtime.  Had a nice chat, just the three of us, before we went searching for the next stop on our Virginia visit: The Cajun Experience.

The restaurant itself is located in, according to the owner (whose name I cannot remember), the oldest building in Leesburg.  The owner is VERY pro-2A, and I'm told he gives a discount if you open carry on the premises.  We didn't test this, however, so I can't say whether this is the case.  The owner is very welcoming, though, and appeared thrilled to have us for dinner.

So, my impressions of the restaurant.

First: the room in which we were seated was small.  This is of no fault of the owner, as the building is old...he has to work around his limitations, there.  The crowd we had, however, made things difficult to hear.  Eventually another room opened and a few of the group bailed into that room.  This helped decrease the noise and the tight quarters a bit.

Second: service was stellar.  The owner ensured we had staff (and I believe his wife?) running food and drinks up to us frequently.  I can say my water never ran low for long!  I also rather enjoyed seeing the waiter using technology to take our order - their ordering system runs on iOS devices, so it's easy to ensure orders are correct and end up on the correct bill.  If you read this - I approve, sir!

Third: the food.  Good lord, the food.  That meal was fantastic!  I ordered fried gator bites, followed by the crawfish half and half.  The gator was tender and flavorful, and the remoulade provided with them was tasty.  I don't like mustard, so that's rather big for me.  The fried crawfish was tender and tasty, and the etoufee...oh lord, the etoufee.  Buttery, a little burny on the back end, and so, so good.  I usually can't stand okra but it worked here...I suppose the sauce was so thick that I didn't end up with my normal aversion to the texture.  I'm actually rather upset I forgot to bring home the remainder of my meal, as I was truly looking forward to it for lunch today.  Oh well, I hope it was enjoyed by the person in whose refrigerator it ended up last night!  Also: according to Chris, their Sazerac was good if a little heavy-handed on the simple syrup, and my Hurricane was well made.

I will admit I have never been to NOLA, so I cannot say whether this was an accurate representation of the sorts of things one can find down there.  I will also say my belly and tastebuds were very, very happy.  If we find ourselves in Leesburg again, I would return in a heartbeat. 

It was very nice seeing Jay, The Miller, TBolt, Nancy (and her youngin), OldNFO, and meeting Proud Hillbilly, Murphy's Law, Turk Turon, Cargosquid, Wandering Neurons, Stretch (and wife), Sailorcurt, PA State Cop, and the fellow who sat down at the head of the table shortly before we departed.  I wish I could remember the others who shared tables with us, as everyone seemed to be genuinely nice folks...I'm just darned tired.

We'll have to do this again, Jay!  Soon, even. :) 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Quote of the day.

"The world is filled with violence...Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose."

-James Earl Jones

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jerry Miculek AMA this weekend.

He's doing a live question and answer session on Reddit this Saturday, 1/11/14.  Go check it out!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 365 Day Reset.

Huzzah to another successful cycle around the sun!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Whatever-you-celebrate.

Even if it's just "Wednesday."  Merry whatever. :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

10 Alternate Christmas Movies

So it's that holiday season, the decorations are up, and the presents are wrapped. The lights are twinkling, the tree is looking good and the snow may or may not be falling. You're digging the mood, a little cheery, a little dreamy as long as you don't talk about Christmas itself everything will be fine. You just want to sit down and relax, maybe watch a movie, but everything is Christmas themed.  Santa this and Reindeer that, it's spoiling your mood. If only I could find something to watch that would maybe keep me right in this twilight place.

Here are 10 suggestions that take place at Christmas, but aren't about Christmas. They are in no particular ranking order. Because hey, we already had enough fighting and arguing.    

Sci Fi / Horror

Night of the Comet - 80's Cult classic, Space Zombies, Teens ruling the world and the ultimate line for spoiled, bratty valley girls everywhere "See, Daddy would've gotten us UZI's."

Black Christmas - 1974 Some say the film that started the slasher genre.  The first creepy phone call heavy breather. Sorority girls terrorized at Christmas.

Gremlins - You know this one but you forgot it's Christmas.  Fun, creepy, don't get em wet and don't feed em after midnight.


Rocky IV - 80's, Ivan Drago, Training montage in the snow and a fight on Christmas eve?  Enough Said.

Lethal Weapon - Awesome 80's, Awesome Buddy Cops, Awesome bad guy, Awesome action flick you forgot takes place at Christmas.

Die Hard -  Gaining in popularity this time of year as the best un-Christmas Christmas movie, but it's actually about a Christmas theme. Still it's pretty damn great.


Better Off  Dead - Another cult classic. Teen Comedy rife with that aww nostalgia feeling for people my age. John Cusack in a drag race with Asian guys that can only speak English as Howard Cosell.

1941- The forgotten Spielberg comedy containing an all star cast.  It's not great, but it's good, and it takes place in mid December.

Grumpy Old Men - It's funny and snowy.  Jack Lemon, Walter Matthau and Ann Margret.  The add libs are great and don't forget to look for Burgess Meredith's outtakes.

Trading Places - Lot's of Christmas background, but revenge isn't really a Christmas theme is it?  Very Funny, some overt some dry humor, all good.

Honorable Mention Drama

Eyes Wide Shut - It's very dreamy and surreal, but also very heavy on context and plot. It is about a Christmas theme.  Unless you want something to really sink your teeth into skip until you can pay attention to detail.

Hope I may have helped and Have a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Attention Indy gun collectors: this is for you.

A friend works in the area and found out about a big auction hitting the block on Dec 1, 2013.

It's...well...impressive.  Go take a look.